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While Ramaraja was governiit-; the kingdom iu this
fashion, the Muhaminadans — Eli Adam Shall Baliadaru of
Bijipur, Sizarn Shah, Kutub Shah, and some other Padushahs
the total being five — having joined together inarched against
him for war. Raniaraja was not able to cope with the enemy
oa the battle-field ; he fell into the hands of t'iie Padushahs who
beheaded him. The Mnhaniinadans came to prominence in
the dominions of the liaya, and their garrisons were pasted
at Penitgonda and other places.

Kaijiyat ef FZmnm*4i : L. R. 17, pp. 41&-19.

The five Padushahs of Deccao, viz., the rulers of Bijapur,
Bidar, Daulatabad, Ahmadiiagar, etc., fought a battle with
Kr§£araya's son-in-law, Aliya Ramaraja who was wielding
supreme authority in the kingdom, since the accession of
Sadaiivaraya, at Rak«asi-Tangadi on the bank of the Kr§na
in S. S. I486 Raktaksi. The Muhamnmdaiitf having destroyed
Aliya Ramaraja with his army in the battle, marched upon
Vijayanagara and plundered the royal palaces and the city,
imd burnt down the temples. They gave some territory to
SadaSvaraya over which he ruled for six years.

Kaifiyat of Pttffagiri : L. R, 13, p. 76.

» While Ramaraja was thas raling the kingdom, in S. S.
Raktaksi, ill Adam Shah Padushah of Bijapur, Kutub Shah of
Bhaganagar, and Nizam JShali Bhairy of Daulatabad, these
Mlecchas, having marched with their armies, fouglu a fierce
battle with him at Rak?asi-Tangadi in the pargana Holugonda-
dahalli near the confluence of the Krsna and the Malapahari
and destroyed him with all his army. Then they plundered
the city of Vidyanagara, and returned to Bijapura. oince that
time, Vidyanagara gradually feE into ruin*
. £. 10, p* 37